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Sepidaj is one of the oldest companies as a pharmaceutical bulk suppliers in Iran that has more than 110 kinds of pharmaceutical bulks in different packaging.

Sepidaj Pharmaceutical Company as one of the most respected companies in field of preparation and packaging of bulks for combinatorial drugs has begun its work in 1992. Nowadays Sepidaj prepares most of pharmaceutical bulk drugs with related licenses. After performing required analysis, taking packaging license and IRC from Iranian Food and Drug Organization, distributes these bulk products with appropriate packaging, by Ferdos Distribution Company in pharmacies all over Iran.

In recent years, in addition to bulk pharmaceuticals, Sepidaj has created high production capacity for different topical solutions and semisolids (e.g. creams, ointments and gels). In continuing the development programs, separate facilities for production of tablets and capsules are under construction. Sepidaj does its best to produce medicines under standards of PIC/S GMP and Iranian Food and Drug Organization. We perform all of our productions, packaging procedures and required quality control analysis according to valid pharmaceutical references.   

Sepidaj Pharmaceutical Company began formulating chemical drugs in 1992. Recently Sepidaj has completed its mission with the production of a set of effective herbal products. In this field we tried to give the society the most effective herbal formulations by using special formulations of authentic foreign companies. Essences, oils and herbal extracts and other active pharmaceutical ingredients are provided with high quality from reliable sources. These high quality ingredients with optimal formulations and appropriate packaging are performed to give consumers the maximum efficiency. At the beginning of this way, we give you our information, to share enjoying nature with you.

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